MAN Lumajang -Indonesian Madrasah Competency Assessment (AKMI) is an evaluation by the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia to measure the competence of madrasa students in reading literacy, numeracy literacy, scientific literacy, and socio-cultural literacy.

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AKMI (Indonesian Madrasah Competency Assessment) will be carried out from September 24, 2022 to September 28, 2022, and will be carried out in stages.

AKMI was implemented to measure the level of reading literacy, numeracy literacy, scientific literacy and socio-cultural literacy of 11th grade students of MA. AKMI is conducted online in the form of a Computer Based Test (CBT). The results of the AKMI will be used as the basis for the implementation of the follow-up technical guidance for improving teacher learning, along with their assistance.

Monday 19 September 2022 MAN Lumajang held AKMI which was held in two sessions for 2 days, 19-20 September 2022.
AKMI was held for class XI only which was divided into 6 rooms, with no more than 27 students each. This is adjusted to the regulations contained in the 2022 AKMI POS.

Of the 6 (six) rooms available, there are divisions of students in rooms 1, 2, 3, 4 totaling 22 students in sessions 1 and 2. While in room 5 there are 21 students in each session and room 6 totaling 21 students for sessions 1 and 2. 20 students for session 2.

Untuk sesi 1 dilaksanakan pukul: 07:00 wib dan sesi 2 pukul: 10:00 wib. Dalam pelaksanaan AKMI yang melibatkan seluruh siswa kelas XI tentu fasilitas komputer yang tersedia di lab CBT tidak dapat memenuhi kebutuhan siswa, sehingga selain ruang 1 dan 2 siswa diwajibkan untuk membawa laptop sendiri.
Kepala MAN Lumajang ustadz Edi Nanang berharap pelaksanan AKMI dapat berjalan dengan lancar. “kita pastikan semua peralatan untuk pelaksanaan AKMI benar-benar dapat berjalan dengan lancar sesuai dengan yang kita harapkan,”pungkasnya.

The head of the madrasa appreciated the performance of the proctors and technicians by conveying, thank you for their cooperation, for their sincere work in guiding students to face the AKMI rehearsal, with the hope that after carrying out the AKMI rehearsal, students can better understand the technical implementation of the activities later and AKMI can run smoothly, “said Ustadz Edi Nanang Sofyan Hadi Monday (19/09/2022) (TF)

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