MAN Lumajang -School Age Youth Guidance Activities (BRUS) is an activity that is part of the KUA program in Lumajang District. The KUA of Lumajang Sub-district became the KUA of the revitalization center by the Central Ministry of Religion.

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Located at the Islamic Center of MAN Lumajang, Thursday (22/09/2022), the KUA of Lumajang City District carried out a socialization activity for School Age Youth Guidance (BRUS) which was attended by all students of class XI and XII.

This activity was carried out at: 14:00 WIB at the Islamic Center MAN Lumajang. School Age Youth Guidance is an activity aimed at students who incidentally are students with the ability to think that likes to hallucinate, a high sense of curiosity and physical maturity which is usually called puberty.

The purpose of this activity is to provide knowledge to students who are still in school, as well as to help teenagers understand and have a healthy self-concept, understand their own character and potential and be able to structure their life expectations more clearly.

By knowing the right self-concept, it is hoped that adolescents (students) can direct positive thoughts and eliminate negative thoughts.

Setelah mereka mendapati bimbingan ini diharapkan dapat menghadapi problematika kehidupan yang semakin kompleks. Kehidupan ini tak lain halnya dengan adanya seks bebas, hamil diluar nikah, narkoba, pernikahan dini, pembulian, dan kelompok-kelompok remaja (siswa) yang negatif.

Bapak H. Wahib Kepala KUA Kecamatan Kota Lumajang menuturkan tujuannya mengadakan kegiatan Bimbingan Remaja Usia Sekolah ini.

“memberikan bimbingan kepada remaja terkait dengan bagaimana membentuk karakter remaja yang baik, dan mereka mempunyai wawasan yang baik sebagai remaja dimasa depan, sehingga mereka bisa mempersiapkan kehidupan yang baik,”

“harapan saya dengan adanya brus khususnya anak usia sekolah bisa menjadi remaja yang berkarakter islam dan tidak berkarakter yang tidak islami,” tambah beliau. Kamis (22/09/2022) (TF)


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